Taiwan 2.0 – Part 4

Chapter 9 : The Changing Guard Another weekend and i’m counting days to my resignation from my current company. Do i scare? do i feels excited? Hell yeah! i will write down another story in my life page. See where it will take me. Like a rollercoaster, full of excitement. I always believe He will … More Taiwan 2.0 – Part 4

Taiwan 2.0 – Part 1

Chapter 1 – The Returning Hiiiiiii Gaesssss. It’s been a really really long time since the last time i wrote about Paralayang. ┬áJadi kemana sih gw? Meditasi? Pesugihan? Sibuk project lain? enggakkkkk!!! Selama beberapa bulan gw sakit, demam yang berkepanjangan dan maag yang bermasalah! Sucks? uda pasti. Tapi namanya hidup ya ada aja rintangannya, so … More Taiwan 2.0 – Part 1