Chapter 0 : Le Prologue

So i guess the right words to open this moment is “Hi” . The last time i did write this blog is one year ago. I know it’s crazy, i took some time off and focus on what i wanna do and what i’m gonna write. So that time of the year is almost here. You prolly already knows what time it is. Yes it’s christmas time! The most festive month of the year. Suddenly i feel like i want to write what happen for this past year and yes i’m promise i’m gonna write the story for my next trip. So this time around i will do chapter by chapter just like a novel book and that’s why i will start with “Prologue”

Picking up from where i left the story from last year. Since my Taiwan trip, a lot has happen. I’m not gonna put everything in this chapter, there will be some interlude for some story. So, i quit from my previous job. I pray for my next direction and follow my gut because i’m not comfortable anymore. It feels like emotional abuse in the office environment. Tears and fear is probably has become my daily bread. Overall, it is truly such an experience for me. A beautiful trauma. It actually took quite some time for me to recover, to be confidence again. To be who i am again.

Another important lesson that happen during this year is also about travelling partner. I went to korea earlier this year and fuck up big time, i decide not to write the story in korea because i don’t wanna unleash my anger at that time.  I was actually so mad. Korea trip has become an awkward and also emotional abuse trip for me. LOL. So i realize that it is very important to choose my travelling partner very carefully. So i decide very carefully about where i wanna go next and who i wanna go with. A trip for me is an adventure, a journey and a life changing experience. That’s how i can see what happen around the world. See how they live everyday, experience their culture. Capture the moment. And i feel annoying if my travelling partner keep on complaining about everything.

Another highlight that i love is that i added 2 new tattoos this year. One is The Butterfly and the other one is The Lord’s Prayer. The Butterfly is always have a special meaning in my life. It simbolize transformation. Those who know me probably already know how much i’ve change. From a nerdy boy to who i am right now. I will never stop changing. There’s an illusion that running everyday in my head. An illusion that need to become a reality. Butterfly also a symbol that Mariah Carey choose for herself and i am a huge fans of her since 20 years ago and still i am. So for me it’s also a tribute to her. How her music affect my life. The next one is The Lord’s Prayer. It is something that i learned when i was a little kid. At that time it actually means nothing, i don’t understand how everything works back then. As i grow up, specifically this past few years, it means a lot to me. A simple yet powerful pray.





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